Catching the Early Signs of the Flu

Influenza, or flu, is a viral illness that can leave you feeling under the weather for weeks. Although it is sometimes confused with a ‘bad cold’, flu is caused by a different virus, and often leaves people bedbound. Luckily a flu vaccine is available to reduce your risk of flu. If you haven’t had a flu vaccine, then flu remedies can be bought from Pharmacy Planet if you are unlucky enough to get flu.

Flu Symptoms NHS
The NHS describes flu symptoms including sudden fever, tiredness, a dry cough, aching body, sore throat and a headache. Children may also experience diarrhoea and vomiting, along with abdominal pain. Influenza symptoms tend to last for around a week, but the lethargy can continue for some time after this. Having flu is certainly something best avoided where possible.

Swine flu symptoms are very similar to influenza symptoms, and it can be difficult to know which type of flu a person has. Swine flu is rarer than influenza, and may also lead to milder symptoms.

Flu Vaccine
Every year, the NHS offers a free flu vaccine to people who fall into certain higher risk groups. This may include children, peopled aged over 65, anyone with a chronic health condition or reduced immune system, and pregnant ladies. These people could become more unwell if they were to catch the flu. The flu vaccine is not 100% effective as it is based on calculating which strains of flu are likely to circulate each winter, however, if you were to contract flu after having the flu vaccine, you would likely experience milder symptoms.

Flu Remedies
If you do get flu, there are things you can to do feel better. Simple medicine like paracetamol can treat the fever and will also ease muscle aches and pains. Cough remedies may soothe your cough, and you can also buy medications to ease a sore throat. Flu remedies like Tamiflu are available from Pharmacy Planet and can prevent you from getting flu if you take it as soon as you know you have been exposed to someone with flu. Alternatively, if taken within the first two days of symptoms, it can shorten the illness by one or two days.

Speak to a pharmacist at Pharmacy Planet today if you are concerned about symptoms of flu, and get flu remedies delivered to your door.