What is Cystitis? All you need to know about the signs & symptoms

Cystitis is the medical term for a urinary tract infection, or UTI, that affects the bladder. A UTI is caused by bacteria being present in the urine, causing a bacterial infection. People with a UTI often complain of pain on urinating, bladder pain, a feeling of urgency before passing urine, or feeling that they need to pass urine but then finding that their bladder is empty. 

NHS Cystitis
The NHS describes cystitis as inflammation of the bladder. Whilst some people can get mild cystitis that may resolve on its own, some people require cystitis treatment. Cystitis that does not resolve within three days, or recurrent cystitis, may need treatment with antibiotics to prevent the infection from spreading to the kidneys.

Cystitis Pain
Cystitis affects women more often than men. Anyone with cystitis may complain of bladder pain low down in the abdomen, burning or stinging on passing urine, and sometimes blood in the urine. As the body tries to fight the infection, people may also get a temperature and feel generally unwell.

Mild Cystitis
Mild cystitis can often be treated at home using simple medications like paracetamol to help with the discomfort and fever. Drinking plenty of water will also help flush the infection out of the bladder.

Severe Cystitis or Recurrent Cystitis
If your symptoms do not resolve within three days, you may require treatment for cystitis. Severe cystitis can result in terrible pain, loss of appetite, blood in the urine, or feeling very unwell. Recurrent cystitis refers to multiple episodes of cystitis despite treatment each time. It can be a sign that a different treatment plan, or further investigation, is required.

Cystitis Treatment
At Pharmacy Planet, we stock the antibiotic trimethoprim; one of the most commonly used antibiotics for cystitis. We also stock other antibiotics that are suitable for treating cystitis, if the first is not suitable for you for any reason. After filling in a questionnaire online regarding your bladder pain, one of our pharmacists can prescribe the antibiotics and arrange delivery to your door, offering immediate cystitis relief and a cystitis cure.

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