Bad Habits That Cause Haemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids can happen to anyone, especially later in life, but if you keep getting them time and time again, you might be wondering how to make them stop. While hemorrhoids can be caused by a wide range of factors, there are certain habits that can make you more likely to get them.

Spending Too Much Time on the Toilet

Being too sedentary isn’t great for our health in general, but if you spend long periods of time sitting (including on the toilet), your risk of hemorrhoids increases. This is due to the muscles in your pelvic area becoming more relaxed.

Ignoring the Urge to Visit the Restroom

It’s not always possible to find a toilet, or maybe you’re the kind of person who can only poop at home. By ignoring that urge in your tummy, though, you are putting pressure on your rectum that can lead to hemorrhoids.

Too Much Strenuous Exercise

Now, we’re not saying you get a pass on exercising. Rather, you should just avoid overexerting yourself. Regular exercise will boost your health, reduce your risk of many diseases, and may even prevent hemorrhoids. However, if you overdo it or strain excessively while lifting weights, you’re putting extra pressure on the veins in your rectum.

Eating a Diet Low in Fibre

If you don’t eat enough fibre, you will struggle to go to the bathroom and will have frequent bouts of constipation. When you are constipated, you strain more than you would otherwise and this straining can lead to hemorrhoids or make hemorrhoids worse.

Eat fibre rich foods like fruit, veg, and whole-grain foods. Certain low-fat breakfast cereals are high in fibre, giving you a great start to your day.

Treating Hemorrhoids

If you do get hemorrhoids, there are many ways you can ease the uncomfortable symptoms like itching and pain. Taking a warm bath can help calm down your hemorrhoids as can using cold, clean compresses. Be sure to wear loose clothing and opt for fresh cotton underwear.

In addition to these steps, you can also use hemorrhoid medications. Most hemorrhoids treatments are topical, meaning you put it directly over the hemorrhoids to reduce their size and stop their symptoms.

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