rosacea symptoms

  1. Rosacea: Causes, symptoms and treatment

    What Are The Causes, Symptoms & Treatment Of Rosacea?

    One of the most common skin complaints in the UK is rosacea. It’s a chronic but highly treatable skin condition that primarily affects older people with fair skin, but anyone is susceptible to developing it. It causes facial blushing and flushing that tends to come and go.

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  2. A guide to acne and rosacea

    How Are Acne And The Papules And Pustules Of Rosacea Different?

    It used to be believed that rosacea caused acne because the bumps caused by rosacea look very similar to acne. This misconception is still prevalent today outside of medical communities so many people with rosacea mistakenly self-diagnose themselves with acne. However, rosacea and acne are two separate conditions with different causes and biochemical processes.

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