FAQ About Hair Loss Treatment

Hair loss is often a distressing development that leaves a person wondering what the future holds for their scalp. Many common questions people have about hair loss are:

    1. Is All Hair Loss Preventable?
      Hair loss is most often caused by male or female-pattern baldness. Because this type of hair loss is the result of genetics, it can’t be prevented. However, if caught early enough, its progression can be slowed down.

      Another type of genetic hair loss that can’t be prevented is alopecia areata. Beginning in childhood, those who are afflicted tend to have more success in regrowing hair.

      Not all types of baldness are genetic. Women who are pregnant or going through the menopause and people who smoke or who are under a lot of stress are more likely to notice excess hair falling out.

    2. Hair Growing Back After Balding- Is It Possible?
      If your hair loss is due to medical or lifestyle reasons, the good news is that it most likely can be prevented and/or reversed. Speak to your GP about options available to you if you have an underlying condition causing your hair loss.

      Some simple lifestyle changes have been shown to work in boosting hair growth:
      • Diet: Eating a diet high in Omega-3 fatty acids, fruit, veg, and healthy proteins. You can boost this diet with vitamins such as iron, biotin, zinc, and vitamins C & D.
      • Hydrate: The more hydrated you are, the healthier your hair will be.
      • Shampoo: Shampoo specialized designed for thinning hair can work wonders, just don’t overshampoo! Excess washing weakens your hair so limit washing to 2-3 times a week.
      • Relax: Reducing stress can help with hair loss. Stress disrupts chemicals throughout the body including those responsible for hair growth.
      • Vices: Cigarettes and alcohol both weaken blood vessels which can prevent enough circulation reaching your hair follicles.  

    3. Can Baldness Be Cured?
      The short answer is no. Depending on the cause of your hair loss, you may be able to slow its progression or even grow some hair back. The key is to start treatment as soon as possible. The more hair you lose, the less likely treatment will be effective.

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