Early signs you might have Cystitis

Cystitis is also known as a Urinary Tract Infection or UTI and is very common particularly amongst women, with numerous different causes and triggers.  Some cases of cystitis are mild and will resolve without treatment but for persistent and more serious infections, Cystitis treatment is needed most commonly in the form of antibiotics to combat the infection.  One of the most common tablets prescribed is Nitrofurantoin which will quickly get on top of the bacteria reducing the unpleasant symptoms associated with cystitis.  For comprehensive advice about managing cystitis and also to buy Nitrofurantoin tablets online, head to our website.

What are the early signs to know that you might have cystitis?
For women who have had cystitis before, the telltale symptoms cannot be confused with anything else but if you have never had a UTI, here are some of the most common symptoms to look out for:-

  • a constant desire to go to the loo
  • pain or stinging or initially just mild discomfort when you urinate
  • a change in the colour of your urine to something dark orange or red
  • A strong smell
  • Lower tummy pain
  • General feelings of illness including tiredness

If the infection is not treated immediately and progresses then you may develop a high temperature and fever and the main symptoms will worsen.  Appetite will be affected and the sufferer may even start to vomit.

Anyone who has had cystitis will know just how miserable and unwell it can make you feel.  Fortunately, cystitis treatment and medication can have a marked impact within just a few hours, relieving the symptoms once the antibiotics start to fight the infection. You can help support the cystitis treatment by drinking plenty of water to help flush through your system, avoiding sexual intercourse and keeping your bath water free of fragranced or scented products.

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