Amazing facts to know about Hand Sanitizer

Hand hygiene remains one of the most important weapons in the war against Covid-19.  In addition to the requirement to wear a face mask in designated public places like shops and on public transport, using sanitizers continues to be recommended to help reduce the spread of infection.  Buy hand sanitizer online from the UK’s leading pharmaceutical retailer, Pharmacy Planet.  Sourcing hand sanitizer for sale has been difficult.  We can supply a range of alcohol-based and alcohol-free sanitizers for the ultimate peace of mind in the fight against Covid-19.

Some amazing facts about hand sanitizers

  • Washing your hands with soap and water is not as effective as washing them and then using a sanitizer – many people think simple handwashing alone is sufficient but hand washing is just good at removing dirt and grease  - an alcohol-based sanitizer will kill more bacteria and viruses
  • Use hand sanitizer when soap and water is not available so when you are out and about your hand hygiene is taken care of.
  • Sanitizers with an alcohol concentration of between 60%-95% are more effective at killing germs than those with a lower level of alcohol or alcohol-free sanitizers which are not as effective on some classes of bacteria and viruses reducing their presence rather than killing them
  • The right amount of hand sanitizer to use is the size of a small coin on the palm of one hand then rub all over the surface of both hands until they are dry
  • Some people think that gargling with a hand sanitizer will prevent germs and bacteria from entering the throat – this is a myth and placing sanitizer in your mouth can be very dangerous
  • Alcohol-based sanitizer works by generating heat from the friction of the process of rubbing both hands together and this kills bacteria
  • A drop of hand sanitizer will shine up your phone screen and your glasses and also reduce the itch of a mosquito bite

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