Does Erectile Dysfunction Cause a Loss of Libido?

Changes in libido as we get older are a natural part of the aging process. Due to life experiences, hormonal changes, and health issues it stands to reason that we do not have the same sex drive we did as young adults. However, if you are suffering from a complete loss of sexual desire, there may be more going on.

There are many physiological and psychological factors that can cause a total loss of libido. For instance, certain medications and health conditions can impact a person’s sex drive. Depression, stress, and anxiety are big culprits as well. Lack of sexual appetite can also be due to a hormonal imbalance.

Does Erectile Dysfunction Cause Loss of Libido?
Erectile dysfunction (ED) is not one of the causes of loss of libido- at least not physically. Instead, once a man experiences ED he may become anxious or stressed when it comes to sex and sexual performance. Worrying about being able to achieve and sustain an erection can shake a man’s confidence so much that he may shut down his libido to protect himself from embarrassment or disappointment.

Luckily, many of the recommended lifestyle changes to prevent erectile dysfunction can also help with loss of libido. 

Some of these lifestyle changes include:

  • Avoiding smoking and alcohol
  • Reducing stress where possible
  • Exercising regularly and eating better
  • Getting enough sleep

Many men also turn to medication to recharge their sexual desire. Erectile dysfunction medications can make a big impact on a man’s libido and sexual performance. ED medications help men achieve and maintain an erection that is satisfactory for sex. Once a man is able to successfully perform sexually, he may find that his confidence increases, which, in turn, raises his sex drive.

One of the most proven and trusted erectile dysfunction treatments is Cialis tablets. Cialis is the brand name for Tadalafil, a medication within a group called PDE5 inhibitors. By blocking PDE5, the blood vessels and muscles in the penis relax, allowing more blood to flow.

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