What Do You Need To Know About International HPV Awareness Day

Cancer is one of the deadliest dieases in the world. It has taken the lives of many individuals until today. With each passing day, this diease is becoming more prevalent across the globe. There are several types of cancer which can target different organs of the human body. The root cause of cancer is an unrollable growth of cells which leads to tumour formation. Human papillomavirus is a sort of virus that is responsible for cervical, oropharyngeal, penile and anal cancers. The HPV related cancers are mainly diagnosed in women, ranging from pre-teens to young adults. Now, genital warts can also be caused by HPV viruses, which if not treated in time can lead to cancer.

About HPV awareness day
The HPV awareness day is organised on the 4th of March every year to create awareness about HPV-related cancers.  This noble initiative was taken by the International Papilloma Society, which demonstrated the ill effects of this virus in humans. This society holds annual campaigns to talk about methods for prevention of HPV cancers. They also speak on different HPV vaccines available in the market to cure this deadly antibody.  Many other societies organise various events and campaigns on this day to impart awareness against HPV to the people across the globe.  

Prevention of warts and cancers
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