Join the Pharmacy Planet team for Cycle to Work Day this year.

Cycle to Work Day is the UKs biggest cycling event that takes place every year. Whether you commute to work or go out on your lunch break for some time away from being online and behind computer screens, get on your bike!

There are so many benefits to cycling including boosting your fitness, saving money, or trying to help the environment. With the price of fuel rising and our air quality is being reduced, what better time than now to start changing those 4-wheel journeys into 2-wheel journeys?

Saving Money

With the cost of living rising, now more than ever finding ways to cut down on spending will be helpful to your wallet. By cutting down the amount of time spent in your car, you will spend less money on fuel each month whilst also benefiting yourself.

Getting Fitter and Health Benefits

At Pharmacy Planet, looking after ourselves and our health is our top priority. Cycling is a perfect way to include exercise into your daily routine and it is a great workout for all ages.

Cleaner Air and Reduced Pollution

Cycling is the one form of transport that has zero carbon emissions. By swapping public transport for your bike, you will help to reduce pollution, traffic and noise which are all very beneficial to create a healthier environment. 

The team here at Pharmacy Planet are all making an effort to swap other modes of transport for our bikes to try and benefit ourselves and the environment. Come and join us!

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