Malarone and Generic Malarone

Malarone are medicinal tablets designated for the treatment of malaria, which can be used to prevent infection or fight it ...
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About Malarone and Generic Malarone

Malarone is one of the newest and best known treatments to prevent malaria. It is taken daily before, during and after your trip to protect against malaria when travelling to at-risk areas. Malarone malaria prophylaxis tablets can be purchased online quickly and easily from us saving you money in the process. Don't waste time and money at expensive travel clinics, buy Malarone online today for peace of mind on your trip of a lifetime!

According to the latest statistics, malaria causes over one million deaths every year. It’s important to know the facts about prevention and treatment before you travel to a high-risk part of the world. Malaria is not a virus or a bacterial infection – rather it’s a parasite that multiplies in red blood cells.

People also ask

What is Malarone?

Malarone or generic Malarone tablets are a fixed-dose combination product that acts as blood schizonticide; Furthermore, it is active against liver species of Plasmodium falciparum.

This medicine is indicated for:

  • Plasmodium falciparum malaria prophylaxis in adults.
  • Treatment of malaria by Plasmodium falciparum.

Because MALARONE is effective against P. falciparum species, both sensitive as drug-resistant, it is recommended especially for prophylaxis and treatment of P. falciparum malaria in areas where the pathogen could be resistant to other antimalarials.

How does it work?

The active substances in Malarone are Atovaquone / Proguanil Hydrochloride, which interfere with two different pathways involved in the pyrimidine biosynthesis necessary for nucleic acid replication.

The mechanism of action of atovaquone against P. falciparum is via inhibition of mitochondrial electronic transport, at the level of the bc1 cytochrome complex, and the collapse of the mitochondrial membrane potential.

One of the mechanisms of action of proguanil, through its cycloguanil metabolite, is the inhibition of dihydrofolate reductase, which interrupts the synthesis of deoxythymidylate. Proguanil also has antimalarial activity independent of its metabolization to cycloguanil, and proguanil, but not cycloguanil, is capable of enhancing the ability of atovaquone to collapse the mitochondrial membrane potential in malaria parasites. This last mechanism may explain the synergism observed when atovaquone and proguanil hydrochloride are used in combination.

What are the benefits of taking it?

The main Malarone use is to prevent the parasite from reproducing in the body, inhibiting its ability to generate an enzyme it needs to feed. This enzyme, called dihydrofolate reductase, allows the parasite to copy itself by developing a new DNA material. By blocking the production of this substance, Malarone weakens the parasite. This allows the immune system to attack and kill it.

How do I use it and its dosage?

Always use the Malarone medication exactly as your doctor or pharmacist has told you. If in doubt, consult your doctor or pharmacist again.n Take Malarone with food or a milk drink, if possible. It is best to take Malarone every day at the same time.

If you vomit:

Malaria prevention:

If you vomit within the first hour after taking Malarone tablets, take another dose as soon as possible; it is important to take the entire Malarone treatment. If you need to take any additional doses due to vomiting, you may need another prescription; If you have been vomiting, it is especially important to use additional protection, such as repellents and mosquito nets. Malarone may not be as effective as the amount absorbed has been reduced.

Malaria treatment:

If you have been vomiting and have diarrhea, see your doctor. You will need regular blood tests. Malarone may not be as effective as the amount absorbed has been reduced.

Tests can check whether the malaria parasite has been removed from the blood.

Malaria prevention:

The recommended dose in adults is 1 tablet a day, taken as indicated below.

It is not recommended to prevent malaria in children, or in adults whose weight is less than 40 kg.

Malarone pediatric tablets are recommended for the prevention of malaria in children weighing less than 40 kg.

To prevent malaria in adults:

start taking Malarone 1 or 2 days before traveling to the area with malaria; continue taking it daily for the duration of your stay continue taking it for another 7 days after returning to a malaria-free area.

Malaria treatment:

The recommended dose in adults is 4 tablets once a day for 3 days.

For children the dose depends on their body weight:

11-20 kg - 1 tablet a day for 3 days

21-30 kg - 2 tablets a day for 3 days

31-40 kg - 3 tablets a day for 3 days

more than 40 kg - the same dose as for adults.

It is not recommended for the treatment of malaria in children weighing less than 11 kg.

Side effects & precautions

Like all medicines, this medicine can cause side effects, although not everybody gets them.

Beware of the following serious adverse reactions. They have occurred in a small number of people, however, their exact frequency is unknown.

Serious allergic reactions. The signs include:

  • rash and itching,
  • sudden wheezing, pressure in the chest or throat, or trouble breathing,
  • swelling of the eyes, face, lips, tongue, or any other part of the body.

Serious dermatological reactions

  • skin rash, which may be blistered and look like small targets (black dots in the center surrounded by a paler area with a dark circle around the edge) (erythema multiforme).
  • severe generalized rash with blisters and peeling skin, especially around the mouth, nose, eyes, and genitals (Stevens-Johnson syndrome).

Most of the other reported side effects have been mild and have not lasted long.

Very common side effects (these can affect more than 1 in 10 people):

  • headache
  • nausea and vomiting
  • stomach ache
  • diarrhea

Frequent side effects (these can affect up to 1 in 10 people):

  • dizziness
  • sleep problems (insomnia)
  • strange dreams
  • depression
  • loss of appetite
  • fever
  • rash that can cause itching
  • cough

Buying Malarone online.

You can buy Malarone Tablets online through one of the UK’s leading online pharmacies, Pharmacy Planet. It's easy and convenient. You will need to fill out a short assessment and the item will be delivered directly to your door. If you want to buy generic Malarone tablets online, use Pharmacy Planet, a UK pharmacy you can trust.
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