Tips to prevent and control high cholesterol problems

Your body needs a healthy amount of cholesterol as it helps to build cells which are important for all the body’s functions, however, high amounts of cholesterol can develop fatty deposits in the blood vessels.  A high cholesterol problem can create issues with the blood flowing through the arteries as the fatty deposits narrow the available space.   It is important to control high cholesterol and this is usually achieved with dietary changes and prescribed medication and two of the most popular choices are Atorvastatin and Simvastatin.  Check out our website if you need to buy Atorvastatin tablets online or to buy Simvastatin tablets online in the UK.

Mild cases of raised cholesterol levels can be often be controlled with lifestyle changes but the levels in the bloodstream must be monitored to ensure that the issue does not escalate into a high cholesterol problemThese are some of the simple and effective things you can do to control cholesterol:-

  • improve your diet, eat fruits, vegetable, whole grains and beans
  • Learn more about bad fats and good fats and monitor your fat intake carefully
  • Obtain protein from plant sources rather than animal origins as plant based proteins can help lower cholesterol
  • Eat fewer refined grains such as white flour and opt for whole-grain foods instead
  • Exercise regularly, the recommended level is half an hour of aerobic exercise daily

By changing and improving your diet, you will start to lose weight which will help your heart and also potentially avoid a high cholesterol problem further down the line.  For every 10% drop in your cholesterol, the heart attack risk is reduced by between 20% and 30%. You can buy Simvastatin tablets online in UK and buy Atorvastatin tablets Online in UK from our professional pharmacy service to control high cholestrol. Learn more on our website