Do I Have Menopause? How To Know It’s Time For Change?

Ah! The endless struggle of menopause! It happens as a normal part of ageing when your period cycle takes a break for 12 straight months. As you grow up your sex hormones go down and as a result, your ovaries cease to release eggs which eventually disables you from getting pregnant.

Menopause usually happens at the ’40s or ’50s but in some cases, menopause can even occur before the women hit 52.

What Are The Symptoms of Menopause?
If you are on your way to menopause you may begin to experience irregular period cycle and a sudden rush of heat, flushed face and heavy sweating this cycle of symptoms is collectively termed as hot flashes.

It is important to know that menopause is not an abrupt process rather it happens gradually and over time. While you are going through “the change” you will go through many ups and downs that include sudden mood swings, sleep disturbances as well as vaginal dryness which makes the vagina thinner and less elastic.

How To Relieve the Symptoms of Menopause?
To relieve the symptoms of menopause HRT Treatment (hormone replacement therapy) is recommended. HRT also help prevent postmenopausal osteoporosis. Along with HRT use of Estradot patches for HRT is also recommended.

Although HRT can increase the risk of breast cancer because of which if you decide to not take HRT you can go for the alternatives such as taking antidepressants. Some antidepressants help with hot flashes and night sweats. Moreover, you can also do some lifestyle measures such as cutting down on caffeine and alcohol. You might want to avoid smoking and spicy food for a rather smooth life change.

You can get your menopause patch online. Here are some easy ways to use them:

The HRT medication online is available in form of Estradot patches online UK and Evorel patches online UK. These menopause patches Estradot and Evorel contain active estradiol, one of the main female sex hormones, estrogen. These patches help the body to restore its hormonal balance. You are advised to use them as soon as you remove the patch from the packing. Since the patches include estrogen, they are most appropriate for women who have had a hysterectomy. Please note that these patches are only sold on prescription. But, once ordered online can be delivered to you in a short time right at your doorstep.