Dexcom One is a continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) system made by Dexcom . It is a device that helps people with diabetes track their blood sugar levels throughout the day and night. Unlike traditional blood glucose meters, which require finger pricking to get a blood sample, Dexcom One uses a small sensor that is inserted under the skin. The sensor measures glucose levels in the interstitial fluid (the fluid between cells) and sends the data wirelessly to a receiver or a smartphone app.


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Buy Dexcom one sensor and transmitter at lowest price in the UK

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Dexcom One Sensor

The Dexcom ONE sensor, also known as Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM), measures glucose levels and aids in managing diabetes in individuals aged 2 years and above. With the 10 days wear time, it continuously provides invaluable insights, helping users make informed decisions about their insulin doses, food choices, and activity levels. Its seamless insertion process, using an auto-applicator, makes it easy and painless. Please note that the Dexcom ONE Sensor is exclusively compatible with other Dexcom ONE products and smart devices.

Here are some of the key features of Dexcom One:

  • No finger pricks* or calibrations required
  • Sends glucose readings wirelessly to a receiver or smartphone app
  • Shows trends in glucose levels over time
  • Provides alerts for high and low blood sugar levels
  • Can be used by people with type 1 or type 2 diabetes

If you are interested in learning more about Dexcom One, you can talk to your doctor or diabetes educator.

Dexcom ONE transmitter:

Dexcom ONE transmitter seamlessly integrates with the sensor and delivers the glucose readings wirelessly to your smartphone via Bluetooth. It's an essential tool for managing blood sugar levels through continuous glucose monitoring day and night.

Dexcom one – How to apply and attach the transmitter safely.

Sensor Placement:

Choose area for insertion - abdomen or upper arm; under 18, consider upper buttocks.

Please avoid irritated or infected skin areas, bones, tattoos, or bumpy areas.

Inserting the Sensor:

Make sure to clean the insertion site and then push the sensor firmly with applicator.

The sensor will last up to 10 days which will continuously monitor the glucose levels in your body.

Attaching the Transmitter:

Clean transmitter, insert into sensor holder and click firmly to ensure the transmitter has been attached securely.

The transmitter will last up to three months sends the glucose readings to the compatible receiver or smart phone app.

Final Steps:

Ensure setup in Dexcom ONE app.

Wait two hours for warm-up; keep device nearby.

For more info, check in-app instructions or Dexcom ONE User Guide or click here for the video tutorial

Dexcom ONE vs Freestyle Libre 3 - Which is best for you?

Dexcom ONE and Libre 3 both offer advanced and multiple features for monitoring the glucose levels meeting the user needs. Dexcom ONE provides flexibility with its receiver options while Libre 3 offers the convenience of direct smartphone connectivity, longer wear time, making it more user friendly and better choice.

How to switch from Dexcom one to Freestyle libre3?

If you are considering ordering Libre 3 for monitoring your glucose levels, you can buy Freestyle libre 3 online at Pharmacy Planet at lowest price in the UK

People also ask

Whats the difference between Dexcom One and Dexcome One+?

Both Dexcom One and Dexcom One+ are CGMs from Dexcom designed to be more affordable and accessible options for people with diabetes. However, Dexcom One+ offers some improvements over its predecessor:

Size and Design:

  • Dexcom One+ is 60% smaller than Dexcom One, making it more discreet.
  • Dexcom One+ integrates the sensor and transmitter into a single all-in-one applicator, simplifying the process.

Alerts and Sharing:

  • Dexcom One allows setting basic high and low glucose alerts.
  • Dexcom One+ offers the same alerts but with the ability to add notes to readings for better data analysis.
  • Dexcom One doesn't allow sharing data with others.
  • Dexcom One+ allows sharing glucose readings with up to 10 people via the Follow mobile app.

Other Features:

  • Both have a 10-day sensor life and a 30-minute warmup time.
  • Dexcom One+ boasts a higher waterproof rating, allowing for more worry-free wear during activities like showering or exercise.

In summary:

  • Choose Dexcom One if you prioritize affordability and only need basic glucose monitoring without data sharing.
  • Choose Dexcom One+ if you prefer a smaller, more discreet design, want the ability to share data with others, and appreciate features like adding notes and better water resistance.

Does Dexcom One require finger pricks?

Dexcom One itself doesn't require finger pricks for continuous monitoring. However, some users perform occasional finger sticks to calibrate the sensor for better accuracy, especially during the first few days of sensor use.

How long does a Dexcom One sensor last?

Dexcom One sensors typically last for 10 days, after which you'll need to insert a new one.

Does Dexcom One work with smartphones?

The original Dexcom One receiver displays glucose readings. However, Dexcom One is not compatible with the latest smartphone app.