What Are the Top Foods that Cause Acne?

Recent studies have begun to show that your mother might have been right about certain foods making your skin worse. While the studies are still ongoing, results imply that there may be a link between certain foods, drinks and acne.

Refined Grains and Carbs
People who eat a lot of things like pasta, rice, bread, or crackers are up to 20% more likely to suffer from acne. Carbs are great in moderation, but excess consumption can raise blood sugar levels. High blood sugar can make the hormones responsible for acne more active, potentially causing breakouts.

Fast Food
We all love to indulge in fast food and takeaways from time to time, but doing so often can affect more than our jeans size. Fast food is essentially just processed and refined carbs as well as unhealthy oils and fats. These substances may aggravate acne because refined products impact the insulin and hormone levels in the body.

Dairy Products
The insulin and amino acids in cow’s milk are thought to contribute toward severe acne. You should limit your milk to 1% instead of whole, skimmed or semi-skimmed milk

Added Sugar
Refined and added sugar are similar to carbs in that they impact your hormone and blood sugar levels. High-glycemic foods like sodas, energy drinks, maple syrup, cane sugar, and honey are common culprits. If you have a low-glycemic diet, you’re less likely to have severe acne.

Vegetable Oils
Look for healthier oils like olive oil when you’re at the shops. Vegetable oils can quickly cause the inflammatory, acne-causing hormones in your body to increase. Processed meats and fast food tend to use a lot of vegetable oils so this is more reason to limit your intake.

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