5 Allergic Reactions You Could Have at the Beach

Beautiful, sunny days are definitely at a premium in the UK so when they do come around, many of us flock to the beach to soak up some rays. However, for others, a day out at the beach can lead to uncomfortable allergic reactions.

Sunscreen Allergies
Wearing sunscreen daily, not just at the beach, is recommended for everyone to prevent skin cancer and premature aging of the skin. But some blends of suncream contain chemicals that can cause an allergic reaction called allergic contact dermatitis.

Sunscreen is very important to use so if it tends to give you a painful rash, try hypoallergenic or natural suncreams instead.

Allergies to Sunlight
An actual allergy to sunlight is extremely rare. It’s more likely your body is more sensitive to overheating, causing you to break out in hives or rashes. People who suffer from this type of allergy should avoid letting themselves become too overheated, whether it be from physical exertion or from sunbathing too long.

Barbecue Allergies
Unless you’re prone to overeating those hot dogs, a BBQ at home shouldn’t cause discomfort. Instead, it’s fires using scavanaged wood and plants that can cause adverse reactions. You might end up burning up something toxic and the fumes coming off these plants or salvaged matierals can cause an allergic reaction for some.

Allergies from Swimming
Both the sea and bodies of freshwater have tiny organisms floating around that cause a bumpy, itchy rash. Called swimmer’s itch, it will eventually go away after a few days.

If you are swimming in an area known to have jellyfish, be wary of jellyfish larvae or “sea lice.” If these larvae get trapped underneath your swimming costume, they cause an itchy, blistery rash.

The best way to prevent these rashes is to rinse off immediately after getting out of the water.

Insect Allergies
For most, slapping away bugs is just mildly annoying. For others, bug bites and stings can cause a severe allergic reaction called anaphylaxis. If it isn’t immediately treated with something like an Epipen auto-injector, anaphylaxis can be fatal.

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