Ordering medicine from abroad? 

Get genuine UK medication sent directly to you in the UAE.

Are you residing in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah or anywhere within the UAE and are struggling to get your medication?
Let Pharmacy Planet give you some guidance on how to get UK medication delivered to the UAE


For business or pleasure, the UAE welcomes a sizable number of foreign visitors. Owing to differences in the healthcare system, certain UK visitors or British Expats may experience difficulties obtaining their prescription medication. At Pharmacy Planet, we understand these challenges. We can assist you with filling your medications and offer medical advice so that you can adhere to your treatment plan. We often assist tourists who have lost their prescriptions at home or who need to continue taking them.

How does it work?


We understand that the need for patient safety, and depending on your prescription, we may require some additional information to ensure it's dispensed safely and appropriately. Here's what you might need to provide:

  • Specific Medication Details: Please share the medication name, dosage, and quantity prescribed by your doctor.
  • Medical History: Briefly outlining any relevant medical conditions and current medications you're taking can be helpful.
  • Clinical Confirmation: In some cases, particularly for medications requiring ongoing monitoring, we may need verification from your doctor.

We understand this might seem like a few extra steps compared to getting medication elsewhere. However, these precautions are implemented solely for your well-being. Don't hesitate to contact our team directly if you have any questions about the information required.

Pharmacy Planet is one of the UKs leading online pharmacies specialising in a wide range of prescription medicines.

What do I need to consider?

UAE Medication Laws: It's important to be familiar with UAE regulations for your specific medication. While we can offer general guidance, ensuring compliance with local laws ultimately rests with you.

Delivery Options: We offer two delivery options to suit your needs:

  • UK Delivery: If you prefer to pick up your medication before traveling to the UAE, we can arrange delivery to your UK address. This is ideal for patients who are about to go on holiday and are needing a spare supply of their medicine, such as a Ventolin Inhaler, before going on holiday.
  • Direct Delivery to the UAE (if permissible): Depending on UAE laws, we may be able to arrange direct delivery to your address within the UAE under certain circumstances.

Travel Documentation: Should UAE authorities require it, Pharmacy Planet can provide documentation verifying your prescription and the medical necessity of your medication.


One of our friendly UK clinicians will review your order and can prescribe the medicine requested. Once approved, your order is prepared and dispensed using only UK registered medicines, before being delivered straight to your door.

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