Weight Loss Tips for Older Generations

As we get older, it gets harder to lose weight because our bodies don’t move as well as they used to and our metabolisms slow down. If you are older and want to lose weight safely and effectively, try these tips.

Portion Control
If you habitually go for seconds or thirds, try to stick to moderate portions that are filling without being too big. If you still feel hungry, eat bigger portions of the healthier items on your plate like veggies.

Make Sure to Eat Enough
It is also important that you eat enough because your body needs a certain amount of calories each day to function. Plus, going on diets can leave you constantly thinking about food and the more you think about food, the harder it is to stay away from it.

Power of Regular Exercise
Regular exercise will help you lose weight if you are burning more calories than you eat. Regular physical activity also reduces the risk of falls, prevents heart disease, and will improve the strength of your bones, joints, and muscles.

Start Off Slow and Steady
If you want to take part in regular exercise, it’s important you do it in a way that is safe and manageable for your body. Even just taking a few laps around the garden can boost your health so find ways to move more in ways that work for you.

Weight Loss Aids to Help You
Even if you follow a healthy lifestyle, you may struggle to lose weight and keep it off. If this sounds like you, you should try medical weight loss aids. For these treatments to work, it is important to continue with a healthy diet and exercise.

Orlistat Xenical Capsules: Orlistat Xenical blocks some of the fat you eat before it gets absorbed by your body. It is for people with a BMI of 30 and over, or 28 and over if you’re at risk for weight related diseases.

Saxenda Injection Pens: Saxenda has a synthetic version of a hormone that your body releases after eating that tells your brain you’re full. By taking Saxenda, you will feel fuller, helping you eat less and lose weight. 

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