Common signs of food and dust allergies in children Common signs of food and dust allergies in children

If you suspect that your child might have food allergies, or dust allergy, it can leave you feeling understandably worried. With a wide range of foods causing problems, including peanut allergy and allergies to cow’s milk or gluten, you may be looking for allergy testing for peace of mind when eating at home and in restaurants or cafes.

What is an Allergy?

An allergic reaction occurs when the body reacts to a substance, or allergen, that will not actually cause the body any harm. The body’s response causes symptoms including a rash, itching, breathlessness, sneezing, tongue and lip swelling or dizziness. Allergies can be life threatening and identifying them is important.

Severe Allergies

Allergies that affect the airway can quickly become a life-threatening emergency. Children with the most severe allergies should be referred to an allergy specialist or general paediatrician for allergy testing and appropriate emergency medications. These may include antihistamines and adrenaline injector pens. Adrenaline is used to reverse the body’s allergic response and help the airways remain open.

Allergy Testing

Testing can be done by exclusion diets, skin prick testing or blood tests. Knowing which food substances your child is allergic to can make you feel less anxious about cooking at home. It also makes ordering food in a restaurant easier as all restaurants should be able to tell you about allergen risks based on their menu. It is important to ensure your child has their medications wherever they go, including to school or nursery, so that staff can administer treatment in an emergency.


As your child grows, you will be able to explain to them about their allergy so that they can begin to manage their diet and lifestyle appropriately. This will prepare them for becoming independent and help them to look after their health as they get older.

Online Medications

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