allergy medications

  1. Practical tips for coping with allergies in the uk

    Coping With Allergies In The UK: Tips For Allergy Management

    Spring season comes with its own set of challenges, and for many, allergies are a recurring issue throughout the year. From common allergens to seasonal triggers, managing allergies requires a thoughtful approach. In this guide, we'll explore the common allergies in the UK, understand allergy symptoms, delve into allergy testing methods, explore available allergy relief products, and specifically look at coping with seasonal allergies.

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  2. Common signs of food and dust allergies in children

    Is your Child Allergic To Food & Dust?

    If you suspect that your child might have food allergies, or dust allergy, it can leave you feeling understandably worried. With a wide range of foods causing problems, including peanut allergy and allergies to cow’s milk or gluten, you may be looking for allergy testing for peace of mind when eating at home and in restaurants or cafes.

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