How to rid yourself of the problem of Rosacea

Rosacea is a common skin disorder characterised by red, blotchy patches on the face.  Most commonly, these appear across the nose and cheeks but can extend to the forehead and chin.

Rosacea problems tend to be more prevalent in women.  The redness can appear blotchy and patchy or it can be more lumpy with actual pimples filled with yellow liquid.  Tiny broken blood vessels can add to the condition.

What causes Rosacea?

The cause is unknown although anecdotally, some people who suffer from Rosacea will know what makes it worse and this might include:-

  • Allowing the skin to become dry and dehydrated – it is a mistake to think that moisturising the skin will make the Rosacea worse, it usually improves it even if it does look redder for a while.  Deep moisturising at night is a way to avoid this
  • Certain foods can aggravate Rosacea, common culprits include cheese and spicy meals
  • Hot drinks particularly those containing caffeine and also alcohol can aggravate Rosacea by dilating the blood vessels in the face
  • High impact exercise like running or swimming can make Rosacea worse

Managing Rosacea
There is no cure for Rosacea but understanding the trigger points can help manage outbreaks when they occur.  Caring for the delicate skin on your face is important, ensuring cleanliness and adequate hydration.  Allowing the skin dry out will make the condition worse.  Clever camouflage makeup can disguise red skin during the daytime but is important to remove makeup fully, cleaning and moisturising properly at night.

Treatment for Rosacea

Many people rely on home remedies and concealer to mask the problem but there are Rosacea treatments available.  Mirvaso gel works by narrowing blood vessels in the skin on the face to reduce redness even in skin which as been red for years.  Rozex gel or cream is often prescribed to treat the spots or pimples which Rosacea can cause.

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