Can Drinking Alcohol Damage Skin? Fact and Fiction

Alcohol has many health drawbacks but one of the least discussed is its effect on the skin. If you are battling skin conditions like acne or rosacea then drinking alcohol may make matters worse. Pharmacy Planet sells some of the top branded medications for acne and rosacea including Rozex Gel and Cream online, Lymecycline and Skinoren online in the UK.

Alcohol dehydrates which is a well-known fact but it particularly dehydrates the skin and this can cause premature ageing. Alcohol also inflames the skin tissue and creates a histamine reaction that results in the trademark flushing and redness to the face. If this persists then it will over time become a permanent feature of your complexion.

If you have other skin conditions like acne or rosacea then it is recommended that you only drink occasionally or eliminate alcohol completely.

What causes poor skin and issues like acne and rosacea?
There are numerous triggers for skin problems including hormonal imbalances which is thought to be one of the main culprits behind acne, lack of sleep, poor skin care and too much alcohol.

How you manage your skin environmentally can make a big difference to skin tone and elasticity and is crucial if you are battling a skin condition like acne.

Medication for acne and rosacea
There are lots of topical skin treatments for acne and rosacea, some of these are antibiotic based to reduce the pustules and pimples which are generated by bacteria. Lifestyle changes such as protecting your skin from excessive heat from the sun or very dry centrally heated environments can make a difference alongside reducing alcohol which also causes dehydration.

Keeping the skin well moisturised is important especially for acne sufferers who tend to want to avoid putting emollients on the skin for fearing of causing further outbreaks. Learning how to look after your particular skin condition is really important to help ensure your chosen medication has the maximum impact and efficacy.

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