Avoiding Acne:  Prevention and Precautions

Spots, Pimples, Acne – all different names for the same problem characterised by overactive oil glands in the skin causing pores to become inflamed. Whilst pimples can appear anywhere on the body, they usually appear on the face. Often, pimples can be made worse by skin bacteria and hygiene can have a positive effect in these cases. In other cases, combinations of genetics and androgen hormones can work together to make acne unavoidable. If you are suffering from acne, and good hygiene is not working for you as a deterrent for your pimples, then you may want to consider consulting a medical professional to discuss some options. Topical creams can often be a next step. There are many options online for acne medication but you should always seek a safe and trusted source like Pharmacy Planet. We sell Rozex Gel and Cream, Lymecycline Cream and Skinoren Cream Online at our trusted UK pharmacy.

Acne Prevention
As a precaution against acne, hygiene is number one. It is important to remove excess sweat, oil and dirt from your face daily to prevent pimples. You don’t want to wash your face too much, however, as washing your face more than twice per day can actually make your acne worse! Here are some top tips for acne prevention:

  • Don’t use harsh cleansers that dry skin
  • Use alcohol free products only
  • Wash face with warm water only (not too hot, not too cold)
  • Use a mild, gentle cleanser
  • Apply cleansers with your fingers in a circular motion (not a washcloth!)
  • Rinse thoroughly and pat your face dry (rubbing irritates skin)
  • Use over the counter acne treatments if/when necessary
  • Stay hydrated

It is also important to know your skin type. Oily skin is most prone to pimples because the glands in your skin, known as the sebaceous glands, produce too much oil which is known as sebum. The sebum, along with the regular dirt, skin and bacteria then clog the pores and pimples can form more quickly and readily with oily skin as a result.

If you are suffering from breakouts, have tried self-help steps, and have already tried over the counter topical creams, you may want to consider discussing with your medical professionals prescription acne medication. Our pharmacists can prescribe Rozex Gel and Cream, Lymecycline or Skinoren Online with your acne medication needs. Visit Pharmacy Planet online to learn more. https://www.pharmacyplanet.com