What PPE do you need during Covid-19?


The most effective response to Covid-19 in the UK has been the collective action by the public to follow government’s guidance and advice and both observe the recommended social distancing and wear appropriate PPE.  As a precaution against Coronavirus and to make ensure your safety against Covid-19 and that of others, source your PPE from Pharmacy Planet.

What are the most important steps to take to stay safe?

  • Wear a face mask – these are now mandatory in places where it is difficult to observe social distancing such as in shops and on public transport.  Buy your mask online at Pharmacy Planet from our comprehensive range of face masks
  • Use hand sanitizer – hand sanitizer is just as important as washing your hands frequently and can be used when you are out and about without access to handwashing facilities.  Keep some in your bag and in your car. we sell hand sanitizer in our online store
  • Observe social distancing – stay up to date with government recommendations on social distancing measures and also adhere to the latest advice on how many households you can mix with.
  • Impose self-isolation – if you develop Covid-19 symptoms then follow the self-isolation rules for seven days and ask anyone in your household or with whom you have been in contact to self-isolate for fourteen days as their symptoms make take longer to appear
  • Stay up to date – the rules and regulations surrounding Covid-19 are changing all the time and are different within England to other countries in the British Isles so it is important to stay in touch with a reliable media channel which can keep you updated
  • Local lockdowns – if there is a Covid-19 outbreak in your locality then you may be subject to a neighbourhood lockdown for a couple of weeks, observe the regulations to keep everyone safe

Wearing full PPE is not necessary unless you are a healthcare professional in certain locations.  Before you go out, always stop and think about where you are going and what the PPE requirements might be and go prepared.  For your Coronavirus precautions and to ensure safety against Covid-19, visit our website for all your PPE requirements. https://www.pharmacyplanet.com/