Erectile Dysfunction: Can Certain Sexual Positions Help

Getting a good supply of blood to the penis is vital toward getting an erection so it might seem like a no-brainer that certain positions can improve blood flow. However, there’s no scientific evidence that any position is better than any other when it comes to erectile dysfunction. When asked their opinions on sex positions, many doctors have said that while no position is better than another, a position that requires a lot of strenuous activity and muscle use could potentially draw blood flow away from the penis.

Change Your Thinking

What’s most important when it comes to erectile dysfunction is your mindset. In addition to overcoming any performance anxiety, it is important to view ED in a more positive light. Not being able to sustain an erection for penetrative sex opens a whole new sexual landscape for you and your partner. Try to relax, be comfortable, and create a stress-free sexual environment that isn’t centered around sexual dysfunction issues.

By focusing on each other’s bodies in new ways, you can achieve a whole new level of intimacy and increase sexual excitement. Many men see sex as successful only when penetration and orgasm occurs, but this is a narrow mindset especially given most women cannot orgasm during penetrative sex alone. Finding new ways to enjoy each other and create desire may even distract you enough that you end up with a strong erection.

In addition to broadening your mind when it comes to the bedroom, you should speak to your GP if you’re experiencing recurrent ED. Sometimes erectile dysfunction can be a sign of a more serious underlying condition like high blood pressure or diabetes.

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

Another way to improve erections is by taking erectile dysfunction medication. ED tablets have been around for years and are a proven way to enhance sexual performance. They relax the blood vessels and muscles around the penis, allowing for better blood flow. You should be able to achieve erections for around 4 hours after each dose as long as you are aroused.

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