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  1. Tips to Stop Premature Ejaculation

    Tips to Stop Premature Ejaculation

    Premature ejaculation or PE is when ejaculation happens sooner than a man or his partner would like during sexual intercourse, it is sometimes also called rapid ejaculation, premature climax or early ejaculation. PE is frustrating and can cause problems within a relationship but fortunately, there is treatment available for premature ejaculationOne of the recommended treatments is Emla cream which is an anaesthetic cream used for some medical procedures and which numbs the area it is applied to.

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  2. How to get rid of genital warts

    How to get rid of genital warts

    Buy Aldara cream online from our secure online store with a quick order service and fast delivery plus professional advice on hand from experienced pharmacists if you need it
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  3. Orlistat as a lose weight solution

    How Does Orlistat Work To Help You Lose Weight?

    Orlistat is a well-known weight loss medication which, as part of a doctor-approved weight loss and exercise programme, can help overweight and obese people to shed those excess pounds.  Excess weight or obesity can shorten your life and is a significant culprit of heart disease, Type Two Diabetes Mellitus and high blood pressure (hypertension). 

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  4. Why is wearing a Face Mask so Important?

    Why is wearing a Face Mask so Important?

    The debate about wearing a face mask is ongoing as different governments follow varying protocols.  Some criticise the UK government for taking so long to introduce regulations about wearing safety masks but from the 24 July 2020, face masks will be mandatory in UK shops and a growing number of other establishments.  If you are looking to buy surgical face masks in the UK then head to Pharmacy Planet.  

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  5. Ventolin vs Salbutamol: what’s the difference

    Ventolin vs Salbutamol: what’s the difference?

    Ventolin and Salbutamol are essentially the same drugs, so why the different names and are there actually any difference between them?  Ventolin inhalers contain Salbutamol Nebules yet pharmacists and online retailers will refer to what is effectively the same product with different names.  There is a bigger picture here over what is considered a branded drug and what is classified as generic.  If you are looking to buy a Ventolin inhaler online in the UK then take a look at Pharmacy Planet’s comprehensive pharmacy. 

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  6. How does Sumatriptan work

    How does Sumatriptan work?

    Migraines are one of the most debilitating health issues with multiple triggers and the ability to seemingly strike without warning.  Fortunately, there are migraine treatments available online like Sumatriptan.  If you are a migraine sufferer and are looking to buy migraine treatment online then use Pharmacy Planets’ online pharmacy service.

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  7. Is it safe to take Norethisterone Tablets for Period Delay?

    Is it safe to take Norethisterone Tablets for Period Delay?

    Period delay can be completely normal and there many reasons for it other than possible pregnancy.  Hormone imbalances or just generally having irregular periods can cause periods to be late.  The problem is that a delayed period prolongs the symptoms of Pre Menstural Tension (PMT) and can make you feel awful.  However, there are occasions when delaying a period might be very useful such as experiencing an arrival during a big occasion, an event like a holiday or at an important time such as a scheduled exam or competition.

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  8. Classifying your allergy for effective management

    How To Identify The Kind Of Allergy You Are Suffering From?

    The warmer months of spring and summer often bring seasonal pollen problems for many allergy sufferers but some people struggle with allergies all year round because the trigger may be something within their home environment or even their diet. You can buy Rhinocort Nasal Spray online in the UK from our pharmacy store and for those who have a known and serious allergy which causes anaphylaxis, you can also buy EpiPen Auto-Injector online safely and with confidence from our UK pharmacy.

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  9. Essential steps before taking viagra for ed

    Steps To Follow Before Taking Viagra For Erectile Dysfunction

    The first time taking Viagra can be a little nerve-wracking and users often have legitimate concerns and worries.  We aim to ease your fears and answer all those questions you may have about how to use Viagra.  If you want to buy Viagra online then come to Pharmacy Planet, reputable and trusted pharmaceutical retailers with returning customers who wouldn’t buy their Viagra online from anyone else in the UK.
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