1. Hormonal contraception a complete guide for uk residents

    Contraception And Your Body: Understanding The UK's Hormonal Options

    Contraception or birth control, plays an important role in family planning and women's reproductive health. Various options for emergency contraception pills in the UK are available to help individuals make informed choices about their reproductive well-being. 

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  2. Empowering contraceptive options for lgbtq+ individuals

    Contraceptives for LGBTQ+ Individuals: Birth Control Options Beyond Pregnancy Prevention

    In recent years, the conversation surrounding contraception has expanded beyond the traditional narrative of preventing pregnancy. LGBTQ+ individuals, like everyone else, deserve access to safe and effective birth control options tailored to their unique needs and preferences. Pharmacy Planet, a UK-based online pharmacy is committed to providing comprehensive solutions and clinical guidance to ensure that all individuals can make informed choices about their sexual health.

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  3. Impact of contraceptive methods on mental health

    Contraception And Your Mental Health

    Hormone levels naturally fluctuate as you age, especially during phases of life like puberty, the menopause, and pregnancy. Thyroid disorders, stress, exercise, and polycystic ovarian syndrome can also cause a hormonal imbalance. Unbalanced hormones can lead to a wide range of symptoms including changes to your mood. Some people may feel irritable, depressed or anxious. Others may find improvements to their mood. Taking hormonal birth control is an effective way to prevent unwanted pregnancies and can also be used to treat certain health conditions. Like any other type of medication, hormonal birth control comes with the risk of side effects because of how it interacts with your hormones. One of the most common side effects of hormonal birth control is changes to your mood.

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