How to treat hair loss

We all have at least one friend in our lives with perfectly groomed, non-frizzy, salon worthy hair. Her hair scores a complete ten and is a perfect choice for a hair product commercial.  As much as we admire her for managing her lustrous locks (and silently resent her), inside our hearts, we know that we could never be that woman.

So…Is there a magical fix up to get your hair to stop falling instantly??? Nope! But we have some lovely recommendations that will make sure your hair is healthy and strong over time.

1. Wash your hair not more than thrice a week: How often should you wash hair? It is the first question you always want to be answered. And the fact is, no matter how much you crave for clean feeling locks, experts recommend to cut back on the times you wash them. This is because your hair’s natural oils are naturally designed to coat and protect them. Washing every day or more often than needed leaves the hair stripped of its vital oils. This leads to overproduction of oils and triggers the vicious cycle of using a shampoo every day.

2. Avoid hot showers: Just like washing it more often than needed, hot water showers should also be kept in check. Try using lukewarm water for showers; it cleans grime and dirt optimally and enhances blood circulation too.

3. Get medical attention: While hair fall and losing a few strands every day is completely normal, excess of hair fall should get immediate medical attention. Try our online consultation service and it will help your tresses get back to its full growth within few weeks.

4. Use oils and hair tonics once a week: Superficial hair masks are not enough! Healthy hair needs a lot more. Applying heavy oils like castor and olive and leaving it overnight can be beneficial. Hair tonics made using botanical extracts are a great deal for healthy tresses. They penetrate through the scalp and reach the follicles strengthening every single strand of hair.

5. Eat healthy: This classic suggestion is completely under rated. Having a balanced meal will not only keep you physically fit but also aid in nourishing your scalp from the inside providing it strength, thus, reducing your hair fall permanently.

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