Change in Lifestyle to Slow Down the Male Patterned Baldness

If you’ve noticed more hair than usual ending up on your comb or going down the shower drain, you may be suffering from male pattern baldness. Everyone’s hair thins out some as they age, but losing an excessive amount of hair is one of the main symptoms of male pattern baldness.

What Causes Male Pattern Baldness?
Male pattern baldness (MPB) is usually caused genetics so if men in your family experienced MPB, you’re more likely to have it, too. Several genes inherited from both sides of the family are involved in MPB as well as other types of hair loss.

Your hair is constantly going through a growth cycle and this cycle is what causes hair to fall out so new that hair can replace it. However ,if you start losing more hair than you grow back, your hair will start to thin out. With MPB in particular, your hair follicles will start to weaken and shrink before they stop producing any new hair growth at all.

Some health conditions and medical treatments can cause hair loss. This includes steroid use, thyroid conditions, cancer and cancer treatments, and skin conditions flaring up on your scalp.

Is Balding a Sign of Bad Health?
Having poor hair doesn’t make a person more likely to suffer from male pattern baldness since MPB is usually caused by genetics. However, in some cases there can be links between hair loss and your lifestyle or certain health conditions.

For example, men who drink and smoke to excess are more likely to experience hair loss and to experience it at a younger age. Cigarettes and alcohol can reduce the supply of oxygen to the scalp and shrink the hair follicles.

Being overly stressed and not eating a diet balanced with vitamins and nutrients are other common causes of premature hair loss.

Medications and health conditions that can cause hair loss include thyroid disorders, cancer and its treatment, high cholesterol, and the use of steroids. Skin disorders that cause rashes or dry skin on the scalp can also cause hair to fall out.

How to Prevent Male Pattern Baldness
If you want to prevent hair loss or stop existing hair loss from progressing, you should first make a few changes to your lifestyle. Reduce stress wherever possible and either quit or at least cut back drinking and smoking. When you shower, never use hot water. Instead, opt for a comfortable luke warm temperature.

You should also eat a well-balanced diet, ensuring it includes a lot of protein because protein provides your body with nutrients that are vital to hair strength like keratin. Many hair products boast that they have keratin in them, but it is best to get this nutrient from your diet. Eat foods like lean meats, soy beans, fish, and dairy products.

Hair loss treatment like Propecia is another option. Studies have shown that Propecia male hair loss tablets can be up to 80% effective in preventing male hair loss. Some men may even regrow their hair back! For Propecia tablets to be effective, you will need to start taking it at the first sign of hair loss. You should notice an improvement in hair thickness and growth within 3-12 months.

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