Are You and Your Partner Not Having Sex Anymore

No matter how long you have been together, every couple has fluctuations in how often they are intimate. If it is becoming a common occurrence, however, you may be worried this is the new norm. Here are a few tips to help get you back in the bedroom.

Mismatched Sexual Desire
Some people are able to compartmentalize enough that all their worries are easy to separate from sex. For others, it is hard to feel sexy when you have had a long or tough day. Don’t get frustrated with each other if you can’t sync up your sexual desire. Instead, talk to each other openly and find a way to be intimate that works for both of you.

Identify Your ‘Why’
Why do you want to be intimate? Is it because you want to express your love to your partner or release some stress? Whatever your reason, you might find that focusing on the ‘why’ will help build desire.

Make a Date Night
To get some of that romance back, arrange regular date nights where you both have a chance to doll up and enjoy each other’s company outside of the house.

Build Anticipation
Just because you have a date scheduled on the calendar, this doesn’t mean you have to laser focus on that date. Try to build anticipation through sexy text messages, leaving little notes around the house, and sensually touching and kissing throughout the week.

Prioritize Pleasure Over Performance
If you have erectile dysfunction, you may worry you won’t be able to perform. Get out of that mindset and change how you approach sex. Prioritize your partner and other ways to get pleasure. Penetration isn’t the only way to feel good!

Treat Erectile Dysfunction
Finding out the cause behind your erectile dysfunction is the first step in treating it. Sometimes it can be because of an underlying health condition or as a result of certain lifestyle factors. Speak to your GP so they can rule out any other causes and give you advice.

You can also take erectile dysfunction medication to help you out in the bedroom. They don’t work without sexual desire, though, so you will need to be sexually stimulated for them to work properly. Effective erectile dysfunction treatment like Cialis Tablets and Tadalafil Tablets are available online in the UK at Pharmacy Planet.