6 Ways to Combat Migraines in the New Year

Are you like most people and find that you never manage to stick to your New Year’s resolutions? If you suffer from migraines and want this year to be the year you finally find some relief, we have some easy lifestyle changes you’ll be able to stick to.

  1. Stay Away from Red Wine

  2. It is thought that the histamines and sulfites in wine can cause migraines. Red wine also raises serotonin levels in the blood, another potential cause of migraines.

  3. Reconnect with People
  4. When you have migraines, the symptoms can make it hard to socialise or attend get togethers and parties. It’s easy for people with frequent migraines to lose touch with friends and family, but reconnecting and having the support of loved ones can improve your health.

  5. Stop Eating Processed Foods
  6. Salty and processed foods contain preservatives and substances that can trigger migraines in some people. Additionally, these types of foods raise your risk of high blood pressure, heart disease, and diabetes, so it’ll improve your health overall to avoid them.

  7. Have Sex
  8. Some studies have shown that arousal and orgasm can relieve back pain, menstrual cramps, and even migraines. The reason behind this is that sex releases endorphins, a natural painkiller, throughout your body.

  9. Keep Stress to a Minimum
  10. Stress is one of the biggest migraine triggers there is. It doesn’t help that migraines are stressful, too. It’s impossible to avoid all stress but try to find ways to relax and free your mind to prevent a migraine attack.

  11. Start Practising Yoga
  12. One effective way to reduce stress is yoga. Even if you aren’t the bendiest of people, stretching can help loosen muscles and get your mind to focus. Additionally, relieving tension in areas like the neck, head, and shoulders can prevent migraines or reduce their symptoms.

Migraine Medications

Another way to combat migraines is with migraine medications called triptans. While the causes and triggers for migraines are different for everyone, it is thought that once a migraine starts the blood vessels in the brain expand, causing migraine symptoms. Triptans reduce migraine symptoms by calming down overactive nerves in the brain and narrowing blood vessels back to their normal size.

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