Getting to Know Dovobet Gel: Topical Treatment for Your Psoriasis at Pharmacy Planet Getting to Know Dovobet Gel: Topical Treatment for Your Psoriasis at Pharmacy Planet

The Dovobet Gel is a topical treatment for a skin condition called Psoriasis. In most cases of Psoriasis, the primary treatment is usually an ointment to alleviate the symptoms of the skin condition and prevent it from recurring.

Dovobet is one of the popular brand names that you can purchase in a range of different forms, such as gel or cream. However, before you get to know Dovobet Gel you must get to know Psoriasis.

What is Psoriasis?
Psoriasis is an autoimmune disease that can lead to the rapid buildup of skin cells. This buildup usually presents itself as scales on your skin surface with inflammation and redness around the affected area.

These scales are more commonly white but can also be red, purplish or brown based on the seriousness of your condition. In some instances, these scales can crack and bleed, causing pain and discomfort.

The typical lifespan of a skin cell is about 2 - 4 weeks. In this duration, new skin cells develop beneath the surface of your skin, much deeper than the outer layer. The top layer wears off as debris, and the new skin cells keep rising from below the skin surface. This cycle is continuous.

However, during Psoriasis, this cycle abnormally speeds up. The extra skin cells rise to the skin's surface and create large patches of scales or flakey skin. These can be found on elbows, knees, hands, feet, scalp, neck and face.

Rarely, Psoriasis can also be found on the mouth, nails and genitals.

Types of Psoriasis
There are 5 types of Psoriasis based on how, when and where they occur.

1.     Plaque Psoriasis - this is the most common type which creates patches of scales on the skin.

2.     Guttate Psoriasis - this usually occurs in children and has pinkish scales that are less thicker than other forms of Psoriasis.

3.     Pustular Psoriasis - this condition is characterized by pus-filled patches of skin. It normally occurs in smaller areas on the hands or feet, but it can be more widespread.

4.     Inverse Psoriasis - this is similar to plaque Psoriasis. Although, inverse Psoriasis develops under your armpits, breast, groin and other genital areas.

5.     Erythrodermic Psoriasis - this is an extremely rare and severe type of Psoriasis. It covers large sections of your body at once, and you can fall seriously ill with this type of Psoriasis.

Causes and triggers of Psoriasis
The exact cause behind any type of Psoriasis is still unclear. From years of extensive research, specialists have discovered two key factors that can lead to the development of Psoriasis. Genetics and the Immune System.

People can inherit genes that can make them more likely to develop autoimmune diseases or skin conditions, such as Psoriasis. Autoimmune disorders result from genetic errors that can make your immune system attack itself or other harmless body cells.

When your white blood cells confuse your skin cells as foreign cells and attack them, the skin cells will go into overdrive and pile up at the skin's surface.

There are several external triggers that can bring about a cycle of Psoriasis, for example:

●      Stress

●      Alcoholism

●      Injury

●      Infection

●      Medications for other health problems

Treatments for Psoriasis - Dovobet gel NHS
For any type of Psoriasis, there is no single cure. It is usually treated with topical creams and gels that can alleviate the symptoms and bring the cycle to an end. The Dovobet gel is an approved topical treatment for Psoriasis and is very effective in reducing the symptoms.

The gel contains active ingredients calcipotriol and betamethasone, a combination that reduces redness and flaking on the skin. It ensures that the skin cells grow slowly and completely like a normal regeneration cycle and reduces the inflammatory response.

You should use this gel as per your doctor's guidance. It can work in weeks when applied regularly, and you can see a visible change in your skin after the treatment. Normally, you will be directed to apply the gel in the affected area once every day for 4-weeks on a scalp area and up to 8-weeks on other areas of the body.

Dovobet gel scalp, hands, face or other variants work in the same way to treat Psoriasis. However, suppose this topical ointment does not show any improvements in your condition. In that case, you can try a Dovobet alternative, oral medications, injections or light therapy.

Dovobet gel applicator - how to use it?
According to official instructions, you should take Dovobet gel and apply it directly to the affected areas where you can feel the raised plaque. Thoroughly rub and absorb the Dovobet gel onto the skin. The quantity can vary based on how much area is affected.

Your doctor will also give you relevant instructions regarding the use of the gel after considering your individual case, and you should follow those instructions until directed to stop.

The regular dose you are supposed to apply will also be determined by your doctor and might vary from the dose mentioned in the description manual.

Your doctor may prescribe Dovobet gel discontinued. However, your Psoriasis will return if you suddenly stop applying the gel during treatment. Avoid Psoriasis triggers during and after treatment to prevent Psoriasis from returning. Always consult your doctor before making any changes in your routine.

Buy Dovobet gel online UK
This is a prescription-only gel, and you should always ensure that you buy it from a licensed online pharmacy. Dovobet gel price can be up to £130. However, you can buy a 60g tube for £53 and a pack of two for £90 at Pharmacy Planet.

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