Key factors to consider when selecting a glucose meter Key factors to consider when selecting a glucose meter

People with diabetes have to frequently check their blood glucose levels to manage their condition. They rely on blood glucose meters to inform them about their levels throughout the day so it is important that they have a meter that is reliable and accurate. To ensure you get a blood glucose meter that is not only accurate but suitable for your needs, there are a few blood glucose meter factors you should consider first.

Accuracy Of Blood Glucose Meter

Recent studies have shown that many blood glucose meters do not have as high an accuracy as users think they do. The accuracy of your readings will depend on the technology used, the materials, the brand, and the age of meter. It’s important to have the most accurate readings as possible so you are administering the correct dosages of insulin.

Not all blood glucose meters are made the same so if you have multiple meters, stick to the same brand and model so you have a better chance of consistent accuracy across all your devices. Also find one that can account for variables like altitude, temperature, and location.

Blood Sample Size

Different meters require different sizes of blood samples. If you have poor circulation or struggle to get large drops of blood, meters that require bigger drops may not give you the best results. To save yourself from inaccurate readings and wasted test strips, you should look for meters that only require a small sample (0.5 microliters or less) to give you precise readings.

Meter and Display Size

Like any other type of technology, blood glucose meters come in all shapes and sizes. What works for one person might not work for another, so you may need to try a couple of different meter to get the perfect one for your lifestyle.

Larger meters tend to have better grips and are easier to hold and read, but they aren’t the easiest to carry around with you. If you spend your days out of the house or on the go, you might want to opt for a meter that is compact enough to carry around with you or to keep in your handbag.

People with poor eyesight will need to ensure their meters have a large enough display that they can correctly read the numbers and readings on it. One that lights up or has visibility for night-time readings can be helpful as well, too.

Ease of Use

Blood glucose meters have come a long way over the years and many of them sport the latest or helpful features like alarms and Bluetooth capability. For some people, advanced devices are right up their alleys, while others may struggle with complicated meters. You want a meter that matches your level of expertise so that you can use it correctly, safely, and accurately.

Blood Glucose Meter Test Strips

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