Understanding the impact of waxing on hirsutism symptoms Understanding the impact of waxing on hirsutism symptoms

Even though body positivity is a big movement in the beauty world, many people are just not comfortable with having excess body or facial hair. If you want to remove unwanted hair growth (hirsutism), you might be wondering which treatment will get you the results you’re after.

What is Hirsutism?

While women have more hair on their faces and bodies than magazines would lead us to believe, excessive hair growth in unwanted areas may be due to a medical condition called hirsutism. Hirsutism is described as women having thick and dark hair on their faces, necks, chests, stomachs and lower body. It may be genetics or a sign of an underlying medical condition.

Waxing for Hirsutism

Waxing is a centuries old method of removing hair. Warm wax is spread over the skin and a cloth strip is then placed over the wax. The cloth is smoothed out and while the skin is held taut, the strip is pulled off taking the unwanted hair and wax with it.

It can be a little painful, but there are reasons why it is a good method of hair removal. Waxing quickly removes large quantities of unwanted hair growth and it leaves you hair free much longer than shaving does. However, waxing for hirsutism can have mixed results. 

Waxing can potentially damage the hair follicles and cause hair to come back thicker or as an ingrown hair. It can also cause permanent damage to the skin. Waxing also may not remove all the hair as the hair needs to be a certain length for the wax to catch it. Because of all this, waxing for hirsutism facial hair may not be ideal.

Vaniqa Cream for Hirsutism

Vaniqa is an established topical medication that is used to reduce excessive hair on the face of women over the age of 18. Its active ingredient, eflornithine, slows down hair growth by targeting specific enzymes and proteins in the body. 

Vaniqa will not permanently remove hair, but it will keep the hairs from growing back as quickly or as thick. So even though you will still have to remove the hair through plucking, shaving, or waxing, Vaniqa cream makes unwanted hair growth much more manageable.

You can purchase Vaniqa Cream to treat hirsutism online in the UK through our pharmacy.