How Long Can You Have Chlamydia Without Knowing?

Chlamydia is one of the most common sexually transmitted diseases (STD) which is usually caused by infection namely Chlamydia trachomatis. It can cause proctitis and urethritis in both men and women and cervicitis in especially women. Leading to serious consequences, Chlamydial infections in women can lead to very serious consequences including tubal factor infertility, pelvic inflammatory disease (PID), chronic pelvic pain and ectopic pregnancy.

How Do People Get Chlamydia?
This disease is transmitted through sexual contact with the vagina, penis, anus, or mouth of an infected partner. The ejaculation does not necessarily occur for Chlamydia to be acquired or transmitted. It can also be spread from an untreated mother to the in fact during childbirth, resulting in pneumonia or Ophthalmia Neonatorum (conjunctivitis).

According to reports, the former has been identified in 3% to 16% of the infants and the latter in 18% to 44% in the new-born babies. Men and women who have had been affected and treated with the disease may get affected again if they have sexual contact with the infected person.

How Long Can You Have Chlamydia Without Knowing?
Known as a “silent” infection, Chlamydia is an infection that is often asymptomatic. It can affect people without them having any knowledge about it. Symptoms of the disease vary according to studies. Only under 30% of the women and about 10% of the men developed symptoms of Chlamydia. Also, the incubation phase of this illness is undefined.

Reports suggest that the disease has a slow replication cycle of the organism. For this reason, symptoms may not appear until several weeks after exposure in those people who already Chlamydia signs.

Chlamydia Treatment - Doxycycline Capsules Online & Azithromycin Tablets Online
Fortunately, Chlamydia can be easily cured with antibiotics. People who are affected by Chlamydia should avoid sexual interaction for at least a week after a single dose of antibiotics. This way, they can prevent the spread of the infection to their partners.

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