Surepress Compression Bandage is a high-compression bandage which has visual indicators for easy application. The bandage has a yellow centre ...

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Surepress Compression Bandage is a high-compression bandage which has visual indicators for easy application. The bandage has a yellow centre line and two rectangular extension indicators which helps with easier application. It is indicated for the management of leg ulcers and associated conditions. Surepress Compression Bandage stays consistent for up to seven days and also maintains its elasticity for up to 20 washings.

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What are the benefits?

• Not made with natural rubber latex
• Maintains elasticity for up to 20 washes
• Visual indicators which helps with correct application and amount of compression
• Reusable

How do I use Surepress Compression Bandages? 

Start the bandage at the center of the ball of your foot with the lower edge of the bandage at the base of your toes. Anchor the bandage with your thumb and stretch this until the selected rectangle becomes square. Then wrap the bandage over the front of your ankle and under the arch of your foot to cover the gap. Then continue to stretch the bandage until the selected rectangle becomes square. When you reach the area just below the knee, cut off any excess bandage and secure with tape.


The initial use of Surepress Compression Bandage should be under the direction of a health care professional. If there is any redness, irritation, if toes become discolored black or blue, remove the bandage and consult a health care professional. It is not recommend to use this in direct with an open wound.

Buying Surepress Compression Bandage online

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