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Fucidin is an anti-inflammatory cream used for relieving the symptoms of bacterial skin infections and eczema treatment. Fucidin uses include skin burn treatment along with cellulitis, impetigo, infected hair follicles, infected wounds or cuts, and skin infection around the nails.

People also ask

What is Fucidin?

Fucidin is an anti-inflammatory cream used for relieving the symptoms of bacterial skin infections and eczema treatment. Fucidin uses include skin burn treatment along with cellulitis, impetigo, infected hair follicles, infected wounds or cuts, and skin infection around the nails.

The medication is prescription-only which means you cannot purchase it over the counter and it can be used by both adults and children. It is generally safe and easy to use.

How Does Fucidin Work?

Fucidin cream has Fusidic acid as its primary active ingredient, which is an effective antibiotic that stops bacteria from producing proteins that are essential for their survival. Since without those proteins, bacteria cannot reproduce, your immune system overcomes the existing ones to get rid of the skin condition.

Fucidin also contains a variety of nonmedicinal ingredients including cetanol, glycerine, paraffin white soft, paraffin liquid, hydrochloric acid, polysorbate, purified water, and potassium sorbate. These elements contribute towards the consistency of the cream or ointment making it easier to apply.

What Are the Benefits of Taking Fucidin?

There are many benefits of using Fucidin including:

  • Easy to use as anyone can apply the cream on affected area
  • Stops reproduction of the bacteria causing infection
  • Reduces inflammation and itching to relieve symptoms

How Do I Use Fucidin?

The cream should be used according to your doctor's prescription. However, if he or she has not provided with specifics, it is recommended that you apply a limited amount of the cream to your affected body parts twice or thrice every day for not more than up to 2 weeks. If your physician has recommended using a gauze dressing, then medication may only be applied once or twice every day. Here is how you should apply the cream to get the best results:

  • Ensure that your hands are clean before using the medication
  • If you are opening the tube for the first time, make sure that seal is uncompromised
  • Squeeze out a thin layer of cream onto the affected body part and rub gently
  • Do not put excessive amounts of cream on affected areas
  • Allow the cream to get absorbed for half an hour before you apply anything else
  • Wash your hands once you have applied the cream unless you are using the cream for your hands


There are multiple factors that contribute towards the dose of the medication including the nature and severity of medical condition, other medications they are on, and body weight. If the doctor has suggested a different dosage than what is present on the label, do not change the dose without consulting with them.

If you have missed a dose, apply the cream as soon as you remember. However, if it is already time for your next application, do not attempt to double up the amount of cream to compensate for the lost dose.

Fucidin Side Effects and Precautions

Side Effects

Fucidin is a convenient to apply and safe anti-inflammatory cream. Overwhelming majority of the patients will not have to deal with any negative effects during their treatment. That being said, different patients respond differently to Fucidin and there may be a few unusual and rare side effects that Fucidin might have. It is a smart idea to be informed about the potential side effects of a cream you are going to apply on your skin for days. Some of the side effects include:

  • Mild irritation on the part where you have applied the cream
  • Skin blistering
  • Allergic reaction on the area where you have applied the cream including hives, itching, swelling, rash, or redness
  • Pain or symptoms of any eye infection

If you notice any signs of a severe allergic reaction such as shortness of breath, nausea, face or throat swelling, abdominal cramps, or vomiting, stop using the medication right away and seek medical assistance from your doctor.


Before using this medication, ensure that you are not allergic to fusidic acid or its salts or the ingredients used in the cream. Always tell your physician about your medical conditions and allergies to ensure you get the right prescription. Fucidin is not recommended for pregnant women unless the benefits are far greater than the potential risks. Similarly, breastfeeding mothers should consult doctor before using it.

If the infection does not show any sign of improvement within 2 weeks, get in touch with your doctor. Do not use the cream for more than 14 days.

Fucidin Indications

Fucidin is usually given to people who are suffering from:

  • Cutaneous infections
  • Osteomyelitis
  • Pneumonia
  • Septicaemia
  • Wound infections
  • Endocarditis
  • Superinfected cystic fibrosis

How Do I Buy Fucidin Online?

If you are looking to buy Fucidin online in UK, you can purchase the cream from [website]. You will be required to submit a prescription form from your doctor prior to your order being placed.

Ensure that you are only using Fucidin as prescribed by your doctor. Excessive use of the medicine can have a severe reaction, which may lead to a worsening infection.

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