Aquacel AG technology is a unique, ionic, silver-containing, antibiofilm formulation that disrupts and breaks down biofilm to expose bacteria, kills ...

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Aquacel AG technology is a unique, ionic, silver-containing, antibiofilm formulation that disrupts and breaks down biofilm to expose bacteria, kills a broad variety of bacteria through it's use of silver and prevents the build up of biofilm. The Hydrofiber technology creates an optimal healing environment for the AG+ technology to activate and work. These dressings are also able to help wounds where there is an infection or a possible increased risk of infection.

People also ask

What are the benefits?

Kills a broad spectrum of bacteria within the dressing, including antibiotic-resistant microorganisms
• Sustained antimicrobial activity in dressing up to seven days and prevents microbial reformation
• Ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid disodium salt (EDTA) helps break up bacterial aggregates and prevents their formation and reformation
• Benzethonium chloride (BEC) is a surfactant that reduces the viscosity or surface tension of anything to which it comes in contact, including exudate and microorganisms, which allows for increased mobility of EDTA and ionic silver within the dressing, enhancing the ionic silver's ability to contact and kill microorganisms
• Silver in the dressing kills microorganisms held within the dressing; the dressing (including bacteria, yeasts and mold) and provides an antimicrobial barrier to protect the wound bed
• Absorbs high amounts of wound fluid and bacteria and creates a soft, cohesive gel that intimately conforms to the wound surface, maintains a moist environment and aids in the removal of non-viable tissue from the wound (autolytic debridement)

How do I use?

Before applying the dressing, cleanse the wound area with an appropriate wound cleanser.
Aquacel Ag should overlap 1cm ( ½ inch) onto the skin surrounding the wound.
When using Aquacel Ag ribbon in cavity wounds, leave at least 2.5cm (1 inch) outside the wound for easy retrieval.
This primary dressing should be used with a secondary cover dressing. Apply the dressing to the wound and cover with a moisture retentive dressing (e.g. DuoDERM), foam dressing, gauze, or other appropriate dressing. See individual cover dressing package inserts for complete instruction for use.
All wounds should be inspected frequently. Remove the Aquacel Ag when clinically indicated (i.e., leakage, excessive bleeding, increased pain) or after a maximum of seven days.

• Sterility is guaranteed unless pouch is damaged or opened prior to use.
• This device is for single use only and should not be reused. Reuse may lead to increased risk of infection or cross-contamination. Physical properties of the device may no longer be optimal for intended use.
• When dressing sinus, tracking/tunneling or undermining wounds, use AQUACEL® Ag Advantage ribbon with strengthening fiber.
• During the body's normal healing process, non-viable tissue is removed from the wound (autolytic debridement), which could initially make the wound appear larger. If the wound continues to grow larger after the first few dressing changes, consult a health care professional. The wound should be inspected during dressing changes. Consult a health care professional if you see (a) signs of infection (increased pain, increased redness, wound drainage), (b) bleeding, (c) a change in wound color and/or odor, (d) irritation (increased redness and/or inflammation), (e) maceration (skin whitening), (f) hypergranulation (excessive tissue formation), (g) sensitivity (allergic reaction), (h) no signs of healing.AQUACEL® Ag Advantage enhanced Hydrofiber® dressing with silver and strengthening fiber should not be used on individuals who are sensitive to or who have had an allergic reaction to the dressing or its components (ionic silver, ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid disodium salt (EDTA) and benzethonium chloride).

Buying Aquacel AG EXT online

You can buy AQUACEL AG Extra products online through one of the UK’s leading online pharmacies, Pharmacy Planet. It's easy and convenient. You will need to fill out a short assessment and the item will be delivered directly to your door. If you want to buy these dressings online, use Pharmacy Planet, a UK pharmacy you can trust.

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