The Tilade inhaler, whose active ingredient is Nedocromil, is an anti-inflammatory drug used in the maintenance treatment of mild to ...

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The Tilade inhaler, whose active ingredient is Nedocromil, is an anti-inflammatory drug used in the maintenance treatment of mild to moderate asthma. Its clinical effects are similar to those of cromolyn disodium and nedocromil treatment has been shown to be effective in asthma not controlled by beta-adrenergic stimulants alone.

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People also ask

What is the Tilade inhaler?

The Tilade asthma inhaler is a nedocromil sodium suspension for inhalation under pressure.

Nedocromil sodium is an anti-asthmatic and anti-allergic agent that inhibits the activation of many of the cell types involved in the development and progression of asthma.

In the treatment of bronchial asthma, it reduces the frequency and intensity of attacks as well as the bronchospasm (narrowing of the walls of the bronchi with decreased air intake), cough, and bronchial hyperreactivity. For this reason, it is indicated in the treatment of bronchial asthma (either intrinsic or extrinsic) and includes asthmatic bronchitis, late-onset asthma, asthma induced by exercise, and bronchospasm caused by various stimuli, such as cold air, inhaled allergens, atmospheric pollutants, and other irritating substances.

It is also indicated in the simultaneous treatment of asthma with all other medications used in the process. In many cases, the therapeutic action of nedocromil sodium makes it possible to eliminate or reduce other medications.

How does it work?

This nedocromil inhaler is an anti-asthmatic and anti-allergic agent that belongs to the family of chromones, is administered by inhalation.

Inhibits the release or synthesis of powerful bronchoconstrictor, pro-inflammatory, and chemotactic cell mediators (histamine, prostaglandins D2, leukotrienes C4 and B4, 5HETE). At the time of activation by non-specific agents or IgE-dependent agents, nedocromil sodium modifies the local inflammatory reactions responsible for bronchial hyperactivity. Furthermore, in vitro nedocromil sodium partially inhibits the mobilization and activation of cell populations (eosinophils, neutrophils, platelets) induced by the local release of chemotactic mediators.

In provocation studies, the single dose of nedocromil sodium offers protection against exercise-induced bronchospasm, inhaled allergens, cold air, environmental contaminants, and other irritants. Continuous administration of nedocromil sodium reduces bronchial hyperresponsiveness seen in patients with reversible obstructive airway disease.

What are the benefits of taking it?

This asthma inhaler is indicated for the treatment of bronchial asthma (either intrinsic or extrinsic) and includes asthmatic bronchitis, late-onset asthma, exercise-induced asthma, and triggered bronchospasm by various stimuli such as cold air, inhaled allergens, air pollutants, and other substances irritants.

How do I use it?

If you are using the container for the first time, check its operation, making four presses to make sure that the product comes out. If it has not been used for 2 days or more, it is advisable to press 2 times before use.

  1. Shake it and remove the blue cap.
  2. VERY IMPORTANT: Open it fully until you hear a “CLICK”.
  3. Keep it away from your mouth. Tilt your head back and breathe out slowly, but not fully.
  4. Insert only the end of the oral applicator into the mouth and close it.
  5. Breathe in through your mouth, slowly and deeply, and at the same time press down on the canister to inhale. Hold your breath and remove the inhaler.
  6. Breathe normally and repeat the operation again.

Its dosage

Always use this medicine exactly as your doctor or pharmacist has told you. If in doubt, ask your doctor or pharmacist.

Tilade should only be administered by inhalation.

Your doctor will indicate your daily dose and the duration of your treatment. Do not suspend treatment before.

In adults and children over 6 years of age, the usual dose is two inhalations, twice a day (8 mg/day). This dosage can be increased up to two inhalations, four times a day (16 mg/day). As a starting dose, the minimum dose is recommended (2 inhalations, 2 times a day).

Use in children and adolescents

Clinical experience of the use of Tilade in children aged 2 to 6 years is limited. The dosage regimen used in this group of patients was the same as that administered in adults and children over 6 years of age.

If you think that the action of Tilade is too strong or weak, tell your doctor or pharmacist.

Side effects & precautions

Like all medicines, this medicine can cause side effects, although not everybody gets them.

In clinical trials conducted in patients treated with inhaled nedocromil sodium, the following side effects, ordered by frequency of occurrence, have been reported:

Very common (may affect more than 1 in 10 patients):

  • abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, bronchospasm (narrowing of the bronchial walls with decreased air intake), cough and headache.

Common (may affect 1 to 10 users in 100):

  • dyspepsia (heartburn) and dysgeusia (taste disorders).

Do not use the Tilade inhaler

If you are allergic (hypersensitive) to nedocromil sodium or any of the other ingredients of Tilade.

Warnings and precautions

It is not indicated as a symptomatic treatment in acute asthma attacks but is a chronic (long-term) treatment for asthma. Therefore it must be used daily, regularly and at the doses prescribed by your doctor.

Using the Tilade inhaler with other medicines

Tell your doctor or pharmacist if you are using or have recently taken any other medicines, including those obtained without a prescription.

Incompatibilities of Tilade with other medicinal products have not been observed, and it can be used in combination therapy with the usual medicines for the treatment of bronchial obstruction (β-adrenergic agonists, corticosteroids, theophylline, other methylxanthines, and ipratropium bromide).

Buying the Tilade inhaler online.

You can buy Tilade asthma inhaler online through one of the UK’s leading online pharmacies, Pharmacy Planet. It's easy and convenient. You will need to fill out a short assessment and the item will be delivered directly to your door. If you want to buy the tilade inhaler online, use Pharmacy Planet, a UK pharmacy you can trust.

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