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Rapitil 2% eye drops (5ml)

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Rapitil 2% eye drops (5ml)

How it works


Product code : Rapitil Eye Drops

Key Points:

  • No drowsiness.
  • 18 Years and over.
  • Twice daily dosage.

Quick Overview



Rapitil eye drops can effectively treat and prevent allergic conjunctivitis. This includes symptoms, such as itchy, puffy or inflamed eyes. It is effective against both seasonal and year-round allergies, as well as vernal keratoconjunctivitis. Its active ingredient is nedocromil sodium, which inhibits the eyes’ inflammatory response to allergens.

Allergic conjunctivitis occurs due to the activity of mast cells, which are responsible for the immune system’s response to foreign particles. They react to allergens by releasing substances, such as histamine, which causes the eyes to become watery and inflamed. Nedocromil sodium has a stabilising effect on these mast cells; it inhibits the release of inflammatory chemicals.

There are two primary varieties of allergic conjunctivitis, and Rapitil can ease the symptoms of both. Perennial conjunctivitis occurs throughout the year and is most often caused by everyday irritants, such as dust, mould or animal dander. Seasonal conjunctivitis, more commonly known as hay fever, occurs during high pollen season. In the UK, this is between March and November.

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Additional Information

Price on View 21
Warnings No
Ingredients Nedocromil sodium 2%
Directions ONE drop in to each eye twice daily unless otherwise directed by your prescriber. Can be increased to four times daily if needed.
Side Effects The most common side effect is local irritation.Please see the electronic information leaflet for more details.

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