Health Benefits of Taking Oral Contraceptives

Researches have shown that more than half of pregnancy occurring in most population are unintended. Also, more than half of this unintended pregnancies have also been discovered to occur in about 94 per cent of sexually active couples who said they use some method of contraception. With this high failure rate of contraceptive methods, oral contraceptives such as Cerazette oral contraceptive tablets remain efficient ― they have a failure rate lesser than 1 per cent.

Aside from the pregnancy prevention benefit of taking oral contraceptive tablets, there are numerous non-contraceptive health benefits they could also offer. Some of the health conditions that could be prevented or treated using oral contraceptives include;

Ectopic Pregnancy
Ectopic pregnancy is a clinical condition which occurs when a fertilized egg failed to move into the uterus an instead attached itself to anywhere outside the uterine cavity. The place it gets attached to is not designed by nature to house a growing baby. That is why it may rupture and that can be fatal. The use of oral contraceptive tablets can significantly reduce this. You can buy Cerazzete online UK on Pharmacy Planet website.

When the body’s androgen levels increase, you may experience acne. The use of oral contraceptives containing anti-androgenic progestogens reduces the androgen level thus, prevents or treat ache. In a research report published in the American Family Physician Journal, about 83 per cent of the subjects were made to take a birth control pill and they reported an improvement in their acne after six months.

Follicular Cysts
When the follicle of the ovary doesn’t rupture or release its egg, it grows until it becomes a cyst which may cause lower abdominal pain, among other symptoms. Research has also revealed that through perfect suppression of the hypothalamic-pituitary-ovarian axis oral contraceptives are effective in the elimination of persistent follicular cysts.

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