How to use a blood glucose meter for diabetes How to use a blood glucose meter for diabetes

All diabetics know that one of the best ways to manage their condition is by continually checking their blood sugar, or blood glucose, levels on a regular basis. Regular glucose testing will also show you how it can fluctuate throughout the day depending on what you eat, drink, or get up to. One of the simplest methods of blood glucose monitoring is through a device called a blood glucose metre.

Step-by-Step Guide to Using a Glucometer

Also known as glucometers, blood glucose metres are an easy and portable way to check your blood sugar levels throughout the day. They analyse a small sample of blood that is usually taken from your fingertip via a lancet that lightly pricks your skin. The metre will then tell you your current blood sugar levels.

To use Glucometer:

  1. Set out everything you need and wash your hands or use sanitizer
  2. Once your skin is dry, turn on your glucometer and wait for it to tell you it’s ready
  3. Prick your finger with a clean lancet and squeeze it to produce a large enough droplet
  4. Put the blood on a new strip and blot your finger to stop the bleeding
  5. Wait for the results

Use a notepad, app, or whatever works for you to keep a log of your readings so you can track your blood sugar levels.

Continuous Glucose Monitors

Continuous glucose monitors (CGM) are similar to glucometers in that they measure your blood sugar levels, but they are a wearable form of monitoring. A small sensor is placed just under your skin via an applicator and it continually monitors the glucose levels in the fluid under your skin. They usually take readings every few minutes 24/7 and the results are transmitted to a device like a handheld receiver or to an app on your phone.

Blood Glucose Test Strips

To get accurate readings, you will need to use a new test strip each time you test your blood sugar. This is why you need to have an adequate supply of test strips. You can buy 4 Sure Test Strips, Accu-Chek Test Strips, and Caresens Test Strips online from us.