Fact vs. Myth: Does Sildenafil Have Enlargement Properties

Sildenafil is used for erectile dysfunction treatment in men. It is sold under the brand name Viagra. It has helped millions of men around the globe improve their sex life. But over these years, several myths have been attached to Sildenafil. To help you know the reality, we have separated a few facts and myths.

Myth: Sildenafil is the Only Treatment for ED
Sildenafil is one of the most popular erectile dysfunction treatments. It is not the only medicine that can improve sexual performance. Having several alternatives including Cialis, Levitra, Vardenafil, and Tadalafil, studies suggest that Cialis is the long-lasting one. However, Sildenafil has active ingredients like Viagra and therefore has effective results.

Myth: Sildenafil Only Works the First Time
Several men consumed Sildenafil but had no result at all after the first time. Due to this reason, there is a common discussion among men that the pill only works the first time. Technically, the drug eventually works. Doctors suggest men to consume ED pill or take treatment at least up to eight times before moving into a higher dosage or exploring another kind of medicine.

Fact: Sildenafil Has Side Effects
If consumed recreationally (for fun), it can have a negative impact on men’s lives. However, the ones who have ED problem and consume the medicine may get mild headaches, feel nauseated and dizzy, and their skin may also flush. Men must consult their doctors if the side effects persist.

Fact: Sildenafil Requires Prescription
All kinds of medicines require legal prescriptions. Without a doctor’s advice, Sildenafil cannot be bought from any legal or authentic store. However, several illegal sources sell the drug but they may either be contaminated or expired. Ensure buying Sildenafil online UK from trusted sources to avoid risking your health.

With the help of the aforementioned facts and myths, we hope you may now be able to understand the truth. Precisely, the drug does have enlargement properties which is why it is recommended by doctors to men with ED problems.