Erectile Dysfunction: Medicines That Help To Achieve An Erection

Erectile Dysfunction or ED is a surprisingly common condition and not just confined to middle-aged or older men either; this is a popular misconception. ED is something of a taboo subject which is why many men don’t realise how common it is really is. ED has lots of different causes which can affect men of any age such as stress or anxiety and even certain types of medicines. There are lots of online retailers of erectile dysfunction medication but stay safe and buy your erectile dysfunction treatment from a reputable pharmacist like Pharmacy Planet. We sell all the main medications to treat erection problems including Cialis tablets online in the UK plus several other well known major brands.

Erectile Dysfunction medications all differ in how they should be taken, the dosage can vary as well as how close in terms of time span before sexual activity each medication should be taken. Certain treatments may not be combined with other medicines or pre-existing health conditions so you should always seek the advice of your doctor first before you consider taking erectile dysfunction medication.

Lifestyle changes can really help with erectile dysfunction and erection problems. ED is common in older men as their testosterone levels start to reduce but this is also often accompanied by the stresses and strains of life such as work or family issues and less time to exercise and take care of physical health and mental wellbeing.

Lifestyle changes aren’t intended to necessarily be an alternative to erectile dysfunction treatment but can help medications work better and improve overall health too. A doctor may recommend changes like:-

  • Losing weight
  • Taking more exercise
  • Quitting smoking
  • Cutting back on alcohol or eliminating it altogether. Some ED medications cannot be combined with alcohol

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