Does Quitting Smoking Help You with Erectile Dysfunction?

While there are many different variables that can cause Erectile Dysfunction (ED), several studies show a strong correlation between smoking and ED. Smoking cigarettes can affect blood vessels and blood circulation throughout the smoker’s body, including sexual organs. Blood vessels along with muscles, nerves, and hormones must work together to create an erection. If blood cannot flow properly into the penis during this process, erections are much more difficult to obtain and sustain. 

What If You Quit Smoking?
If you are a smoker and have Erectile Dysfunction or are worried you may develop it, the good news is that quitting smoking will help improve your circulatory system. In fact, your blood pressure and circulation can begin to improve as soon as 2 to 12 weeks after quitting smoking. The younger you are, the better the chances that smoking-induced circulatory problems will not occur. However, quitting at any age will make a big difference not only with your sexual health, but your overall health in general. 

Can Medications Help?
Whatever the cause, taking a prescription Erectile Dysfunction medication can help restore blood flow to the penis. There are several on the market, like Levitra Tablets, Spedra Tablets, and Sildenafil Tablets. However, to gain the maximum benefit of medications such as these, you should consider quitting smoking or reducing your intake of cigarettes. If you quit smoking, you will not only improve your sexual performance, but you will also help ensure that there are no side effects or contraindications when taking Erectile Dysfunction treatment.   

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