Does HRT cause weight gain

HRT Treatment is commonly prescribed to women in their middle years to combat the effects of the menopause.  As the twin hormones oestrogen and progesterone reduce, the decline can result in unpleasant side effects which may last for many years.  Many women take HRT Treatment to mitigate the symptoms of the menopause which range from night sweats to depression, anxiety to insomnia, vaginal dryness during sex to low libido.  However, some women also believe that HRT can cause weight gain.

Does Hormone Replacement Therapy treatment result in weight gain?
The NHS maintains that there is no data to support this claim although many women feel that they have gained weight whilst taking HRT. 

The menopause is a very difficult time for women and even with the support of HRT, there can still be some unwanted symptoms.  Medics believe that any weight gain is far more likely to be associated with general ageing, the loss of the reproductive hormones and low mood which can cause overeating and a low or reduced desire to take exercise.  The menopause also often coincides with a time when women are in the driving seat looking after adolescent children, elderly parents and all whilst juggling work.  This is not the period when they have time to think about diet and exercise or spend time on themselves.

Healthy regimes
Whether you take HRT treatment or not, it is important to try and take even a small amount of time from a busy schedule and focus on diet and exercise, in particular, to help you cope with this difficult time.  Exercise lifts the mood and will help reduce additional calories.  It also dissipates stress and aids restful sleep.

Coping without HRT
Some women only take HRT for a short period, just to have a respite from the symptoms.  There are other ways to manage the effects of the menopause including mindfulness, increasing or starting the exercise and switching to a healthier diet.  However, some women feel they simply cannot cope without HRT whether it causes weight gain or not.  Every woman is an individual and needs to find her own pathway through the menopause with support from the GP and local pharmacist.

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