How to keep your sex life happening in your 50s? How to keep your sex life happening in your 50s?

Sex isn’t just a young person’s game. Being older in age doesn’t mean your sex drive goes away, but it does mean sex isn’t the same as it used to be. It might take a little more planning and preparation as well as changes in expectations. However, none of this means that you can’t have a fulfilling and rewarding sex life.

Intimacy is important no matter what age you are. It brings couples closer together and improves mental and physical health. If you’re in your 50s or older and your bedroom isn’t as active as it used to be, try these steps to reignite your love life.

  • Get Creative: Because our bodies change as we age, you may need to think outside the box to continue having a fulfilling love life. Different positions may make it easier for both partners to feel satisfied, especially if erectile dysfunction or vaginal dryness is a concern. You should also focus on foreplay and other intimate activities rather than viewing penetration as the goal.
  • Use Enough Lubrication: Once women reach a certain age, sex can become painful due to post-menopausal vaginal dryness. To help make sex enjoyable again, use lubricants or a vaginal moisturizer to ensure there is enough lubrication for a pain-free experience.
  • Treat Medical Issues: Some medical issues and their treatments can cause low libido, erectile dysfunction, and other sexual problems. Speak with your GP about your medical conditions and treatment options so that you can manage your health effectively without adverse reactions in your life.
  • Consider Sex Therapy: Being open and honest with your partner is essential when it comes to every aspect of your relationship, bedroom activities included. If you find it difficult or embarrassing to do so, consider enlisting a sex therapist to help guide you and your partner through these conversations.
  • Improve your Lifestyle: Many lifestyle factors can impact sexual health such as being overweight, eating a poor diet, drinking alcohol, and smoking. Maintaining a well-balanced diet and exercise regime is important for all aspects of your health as is cutting back on vices like booze and cigarettes.

Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Because pregnancy is less of a worry for partners of a certain age, contraception like condoms may be given no thought. In fact, studies have shown that there is a significant rise in older people being diagnosed with STDs. Even though pregnancy is not a risk, sexually transmitted diseases are just as likely to appear in sexually active people of any age. If you want to continue your love life into your golden years but have fears of STDs, use condoms and lubricants that won’t degrade the condoms.

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

Men over the age of 40 are more likely to experience regular instances of erectile dysfunction (ED). When you have ED, you struggle to gain and maintain an erection suitable for sexual activity. It can be caused by lifestyle factors, health conditions, mental health problems, and some medications.

If you have ED, speak to your GP so that any underlying causes can be ruled out. Your GP can also help you with adjusting your medications or getting help for mental health conditions. They may also recommend you try erectile dysfunction treatment to strengthen your erections.

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