Sex positions to enhance pleasure for men with erectile dysfunction Sex positions to enhance pleasure for men with erectile dysfunction

If you have erectile dysfunction, you probably want to find ways to make its effects have less of an impact on your sex life. In addition to speaking to your GP to rule out underlying conditions, lifestyle changes like eating better and avoiding substances like alcohol and tobacco can help strengthen your erections. Some sexual positions are also thought to help.

Sexual Positions to Help Overcome Erectile Dysfunction

Sexual positions can play a significant role in overcoming erectile dysfunction (ED) by optimizing blood flow and reducing physical strain. Here are 5 positions that may help improve erections and enhance sexual pleasure:

  1. The Cross
  2. The Downward Doggy
  3. The Morning Spoon
  4. Yab-Yum
  5. The Reverse Cowgirl

The Cross

Relaxing your body and refraining from using too many muscles is thought to aid with overcoming erectile dysfunction. By not over-exerting yourself and using big muscle groups, the blood flow in your body will be focused on your erection. The man lies on his side with the woman at a 90-degree angle. It can take some maneuvering, but this position can work well with semi-hard erections.

The Downward Doggy

More commonly known as doggy style, this position has a woman on all fours with her shoulders down on the bed. This arches her body, allowing for shallower penetration. Even if you are only able to get part of your penis in, the most sensitive parts (the glans and frenulum) will be inside her providing extra pleasure.

The Morning Spoon

It is not uncommon for men to wake up with strong erections and these erections are often the strongest and most reliable. Take advantage of this with the morning spoon. It involves the man positioning himself behind the woman while both of you are lying down. This position has the added benefit of working well even if your erection softens.


A centuries-old tantric position that is ideal for bringing partners closer together. The man sits cross-legged while the woman straddles him with her legs around his waist. It keeps your bodies in an intimate embrace and even if your erection weakens, you can still enjoy penetration.

The Reverse Cowgirl

This is another position that allows for the man to relax his major muscle groups. The woman rides atop a may lying down, but instead of facing him, she sits with her back to him. The woman can easily reach down to stimulate your penis and herself, giving you both maximum pleasure.

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