BIATAIN IBU Non-Adhesive

Biatain® Ibu Non-Adhesive is a soft and flexible absorbent foam dressing containing ibuprofen through an absorbent polyurethane foam that contains ...

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BIATAIN IBU Non-Adhesive
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Biatain® Ibu Non-Adhesive is a soft and flexible absorbent foam dressing containing ibuprofen through an absorbent polyurethane foam that contains 0.5 mg/cm2 of ibuprofen homogeneously dispersed throughout the foam matrix. The ibuprofen is released when the foam comes into contact with the wound exudate. This non adhesive dressing can aid in the healing of wounds without the pain.

People also ask

What are the benefits?

When in contact with exudate the unique 3D foam structure of Biatain® conforms to the wound bed for superior absorption – even under compression.

Biatain® Ibu is a soft and flexible dressing that delivers high patient comfort. The bevelled edges reduce risk of pressure marks

In the presence of exudate, there is a sustained release of a low dose of ibuprofen into the wound bed throughout the wear time of the dressing (up to 7 days).

Comparative studies have shown a reduction in wound pain in patients wearing Biatain® Ibu compared with dressings without ibuprofen.

How do I use Biatain Ibu Non-Adhesive? 

Biatain® Ibu Non-Adhesive is indicated for a wide range of exuding wounds. This includes acute wounds such as second degree burns, donor sites, postoperative wounds and skin abrasions: and chronic wounds such as leg ulcers, pressure ulcers and non-infected diabetic foot ulcers. Biatain® Ibu is suitable for use in combination with compression therapy.If there is minimal exudate, moisten the Biatain Ibu with a small
amount of normal saline or apply a small amount of amorphous
gel to the wound bed.
Place the dressing directly over the wound; ensure the plain
non-printed side is applied to the wound.
Secure with tape or wrap with kling/tape.

A health care professional should frequently inspect and manage infected wounds, diabetic wounds and wounds which are solely or partially caused by arterial insufficiency, in accordance with local standardsIn case of allergic reactions, please contact Coloplast for further information and directions. Do not use Biatain® Foam Dressings and Biatain® Foam Filler/Cavity with oxidizing solutions, e.g., hypochlorite and hydrogen peroxide solutions. Ensure that any other evaporating solution is completely dried off before dressing application.

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You can buy Biatain Ibu Non Adhesive online through one of the UK’s leading online pharmacies, Pharmacy Planet. It's easy and convenient. You will need to fill out a short assessment and the item will be delivered directly to your door. If you want to buy these vitamins online, use Pharmacy Planet, a UK pharmacy you can trust.

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